The Caliber Of Lara Fabian & Céline Dion.


Sofia Elle Morgane started singing at the age of 5. One of her first musical inspirations was her late uncle Cayus Lebohemian, whom she saw animate family parties. At the age of 7, she performs for senior citizens in centers where her late mother volunteers and quickly becomes adept of the attention she is given. Her late mother enrolled her in art, theater and singing lessons. She has made short television appearances through the filmmaker Marquise Lepage but it is the meeting with a captivating guardian, of her passion for Celine Dion, which clarifies the growing passion that music will take for Sofia Elle Morgane.

Multidisciplinary businesswoman, Sofia Elle Morgane worked several years for Bell. During her stay, she was appointed Bell Mobility Star Employee twice by team vote between 05/03/2001 and 22/06/2005. She was an ambassador for Bell Mobility in 2002-2003 and 2004. Representing the company through a variety of charitable and sponsorship activities, the Bell Ambassador Program is a volunteer program that allows employees who stand out by their successes to within the company to represent Bell at various sponsorship events selected by Bell. Winning second place in the 2008 Bell Pride Contest, she also won first place in Bell Mobility's idol singing competition in 2009. She wrote two jingles for Bell ( jingle for Solo mobile ), ( jingle for Bell ) and received the VIP Ovation Awards in 2010, a high distinction. In 2012, she started her company Gestions Empire LM Holdings Inc. 

In addition to singing Sofia Elle Morgane, is also an editorial technician, illustrator and painter always invested in many projects. It is only in 2016, that a wider audience can finally appreciate her talent as a soloist through the recordings of her live performances that she decides to produce, record and upload on her Youtube channel and on her singer Facebook page in addition to investing in the promotion of her self-productions.

In 2018 she releases 5 singles, All She's Able To Dream, T'es où?, Walking Alone, What's Good For Me, and Harder. She produced the show " Il n'est jamais trop tôt pour se parler d'amour " in 2017 and "Whitney Houston Experience" in May 2019 you can see video clips of the top mentioned shows in the video section of her website.

Sofia Elle Morgane will work in 2019 2020 on two albums of 7 songs, one French and another English with the collaboration of Tork Music. She will perform a dinner show version of Whitney Houston Experience in a few Quebec venues for 2019, 2020 and 2021.